Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Need A Cisco Router??

Need to find an authorized Cisco dealer or partner in your area?

You've come to the right place.

Begin your search for a certified and authorized Cisco Routers Dealer in your immediate area using this free online search tool:

Cisco Router

Some Information About Cisco Systems Dealers -

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco System designs and manufactures premium internet routers, switches, and hubs. Most network engineers consider Cisco gear the Rolls Royce of internet backbone equipment.

Yet, finding a good Cisco dealer in your area isn't as easy as opening up the yellow pages. Many of them have tremendous technical skill but little marketing savvy. That is why we have searched them out for you, and ranked them in order using our "best fit" algorithm - which includes customer service surveys, product matches, and other search criteria.

The Cisco dealers who have registered with VARSearch(tm) specialize in the installation and sales of the most popular Cisco WAN and LAN routers, including the Cisco 801 ISDN/Ethernet Router, 801-1CAPI, 802 ISDN Router, 803 ISDN BRI/Ethernet Router, 4PORT HUB, Cisco - 803-20PK ISDN/Ethernet Router, 4 port hub 2 POTS, and the Cisco 805 Ethernet/Serial Router.

Also, using our VARSearch engine, you can easily find Cisco IP Phone, Cisco unified manager, Cisco CallManager, Cisco Call Manager, Cisco VoIP Phone, Cisco communications manager, and Cisco unified communications manager.

To find whatever you need from Cisco simply visit:

Cisco Equipment


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