Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vonage's New Campaign

It just keeps getting better. Vonage customers recently received the following email from the company.

Dear Vonage Customer:

Vonage invites you to be among the first to join a new grassroots campaign aimed at preserving your right to choose your phone service. We’re launching a national movement – Free to Compete – because we believe marketplace competition is good, and we want consumers to have a choice. To learn the facts and find out how you can help preserve competition and your right to choose your phone service, please visit

Since the day we opened our doors, our mission has been to provide consumers with an alternative to the services offered by entrenched landline phone providers. In our five short years, we've gone head-to-head with many of these industry giants, and amassed 2.4 million customer lines with our innovative technology, cool features and value pricing.

You may have heard that Verizon® is suing us over patents they say we violated. Verizon has pursued litigation against Vonage in an effort to achieve in court what it cannot achieve in the marketplace. The suit could result in limiting competition and consumers' freedom to choose a communications provider, which could ultimately drive up the cost of phone service. Vonage will continue fighting this attempt to limit your choice, while ensuring that you continue to receive the reliable, quality service you've come to expect.

As our customers, you are the most passionate and effective spokespeople we have. Let your voice be heard by visiting where you can:

1. Send an email to Verizon telling them you support Vonage
as they defend your right to a better phone service
2. Sign our Petition
3. Learn the facts of the case
4. Spread the word

We hope you'll join us in taking up this important challenge by visiting Together, let's move the battle for free competition and choice in the phone industry out of the courts and back into the marketplace!

And thank you for choosing Vonage.


Jeffrey Citron
Chairman, Interim CEO and Chief Strategist

"Send an email to Verizon telling them you support Vonage as they defend your right to a better phone service."

There's an oxymoron if ever I heard one. the only reason they have any customers is because they are cheap, certainly not because they provide better service. When they realize they will have to pay the piper like the real phone companies they squeal like pigs.

I'm no big fan of Verizon, but I'm certain that they are enjoying this desperate and distasteful tactic by Vonage. For a company to invite it's customer base to directly participate in it's legal quarrels, regardless of who is right or wrong, is what I would characterize as bashing your competitors. Vonage needs to keep this in their conference rooms and in the courtroom, and far away from their customers.

I havent seen too many Vonage commercials since this came to light either. I wonder if it is court ordered not to run commercials...

That certainly would make sense. If there is the strong possibility they may go under they shouldn't be allowed to take any more than they already have down with them.

Personally I suggest current Vonage customers...and ANYONE looking for a Vonage type service....consider other options.

Here's 2 I highly recommend:

Packet 8



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