Monday, May 14, 2007

Video Email Gets Results!!

All of us who are part of the Broadband Nation know that our world of technology is moving too fast to try to keep up with. New gadgets, concepts, capabilities, toys, and tools go from dream and fantasy to reality at almost light speed. Then soon become obsolete as "newer better" comes along. such "old" technology seems to have taken on a whole new life recently.....especially in the business world. That technology I speak of is Video Email.

Video E-Mail allows users to record and e-mail personal videos to various clients in real time.

By clicking on a server link to where the video is stored, recipients can view the message in seconds. The system is available in Microsoft Outlook format (and others depending on whose service you choose) .... and helps users to increase exposure in their target markets as well as improve overall communication efficiency.

Nice little alternative to overcrowded web conferencing and "in person" sales trips. A whole lot cheaper too.

Vendor Video E-Mail packages will usually include tracking and reporting tools that tell users who has viewed the video. The system also facilitates the use of other streaming videos such as sales training clips, product demonstrations, and advertisements.

The Video E-Mail system cost varies based on the number of users and software products included. That said I won't even attempt to give even a range of potential package costs here. The field is just too dynamic and changes almost daily. learn more about the possibilities of Video Email and view one of the better options to choose from I suggest you visit....

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