Thursday, May 24, 2007

Motorola Razr V3 Review

The Motorola Razr is the best cell phone you'll ever use. To put it simply..... "It Just Works". I mean, it's got a super long battery life, you can have it running good for a week without a recharge, and it's still says full (I'd turn it off at night, which greatly helps it's life, why have it on when you don't need it???).

Using the phone with the PC involves some work, but works well. Modding it is very easy, and putting games on it is a challenge, but once you have done one game, you have done them all. I like this feature, because you buy these games and having to erase everything off your phone sucks, cuz you have to buy those games again. Well not anymore.... becuase you can have them backed up to your pc, and get them with ease. Using the Razr with a mac is so easy. I don't know about games though, but simply dragging and dropping files to the Razr is the hardest part, and that is way easy. It connects through bluetooth, so file transfers are kinda laggy, but hey, you can deal.

The phone's reception is terrific on a T-Mobile network. Although internet browsing on it can be very very slow, and not worth 6 bucks a month, you can surf the net nonetheless. The volume on this phone is great too, unlike any previous phone you may have had.

The phone is said to be very "breakable" in a sense. Well, it's thin, what do you expect.

My friend has sat on it a few times, and he says you will notice your sitting on it before it breaks. He has also lost his phone. Hehad it in his pocket for easy access (half sticking out) And I guess it fell out in front of his door.

So when he wanted to make a call, he couldn't find it. He picked up his landline phone and dialed his my cell phon's number, then he heared his ring, walking down the hallway, lol. His grandma picked it up outside on the front doorstep. It has a few scratches, but not too bad. But the phone survived the fall, and being in over 100 degree temps for almost a half an hour sitting in the sun on my doorstep. So yes, the phone is pretty durable.

I give this phone a freakin 9.899. Why???

Cuz, it's a

RAZR, nuff said.

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