Monday, April 02, 2007

What Is SIP?? (Session Initiation Protocol)

For those who have wondered just what the heck is's a resource link that will set everything straight for you:

What Is SIP....An Introduction

Everyone interested or who has questions should peruse the entire link and study it. What is great about this site is that everything is in layman terms and can be digested very easily. The coverage of VoIP and the many facets thereof defining H.323 protocols to SIP is the finest I've seen yet. Knowing the basics and functionality makes deployment and involvement so much easier and less intimidating than it seems. Learning all the acronymns is something that comes with continued involvement and studying.

For yet another resource read this article:

The Basics Of How SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Drives Your VoIP System Design And Function

SIP will reside in your cell phone, your PC (In XP ALREADY), in your business phone system, in your cable box, in your home security system, in your video security system, in your home automation system.

SIP is not a telephony standard. It is a multi-media standard that is a disruptive technology.

If you are a small interconnect, get to know SIP now. It will be the technology that brings down the price of IP phone systems, to the level of standard digital systems.

IT IS NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME. That is the good news.

Why? because it buys you some time. If you have not gotten your feet wet with IP, learn SIP first.

What's wrong with it right now? Not that many features, sound quality can be an issue, off site SIP stations need VPN tunnels on most systems I've heard of, and reliability.

However, system software upgrades will show up within weeks of each other in some cases to fix bugs and add features. Other major features will include multiline business phones with DSS/BLF and line appearances, unified messaging, web based user interface for phone programming, collaberative work group tools, software based video PC phones (softphones).

In short......learn about SIP and you'll be ahead of the game.

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