Thursday, March 01, 2007

Packet8 Continues Customer Rebates

To help keep the momentum going into 2007, Packet8 has extended all their customer rebates through the end of this quarter – March 31st. Here are the highlights:


* $19.99 off the First Month is still in effect with your Coupon Code
* Free Activation AFTER $30 Mail-in Rebate
* Free Uniden 1868P AFTER $50 Mail-in Rebate
* Free Uniden 165P AFTER $30 Mail-in Rebate
* DV326 Videophone only $99 AFTER $100 Mail-in Rebate
* Please note that there is NO FREE SHIPPING on residential services

Also, Packet8 announced recently the thier new Residential Fax service. This capability has been a customer request for a long time. Below is a rundown on this long awaited service:

Packet8 is now offering residential fax service for customers. Subscribers receive 300 minutes of outgoing faxes plus unlimited incoming faxes for $9.99 per month with a one-time activation fee of $29.99. Additional US and Canada outgoing fax minutes are billed at 3.5 cents per minute, and outgoing international faxes billed at Packet8 International rates. The customer will receive a new Packet8 phone adapter with each Freedom Fax service plan.

To summarize:

* $9.99/month includes 300 outbound calling and faxing minutes to the US and Canada and 3.5 cents thereafter, plus applicable Packet8 International rates.
* $29.99 activation fee.
* $1.50 Regulatory Recovery Fee.
* $1.99 E911 Service Fee for US Residents.
* $0.80 Universal Service Fund Fee
* $12.95 Shipping Charges.

Current Limitations:

* For this service, Packet8 currently can NOT port existing numbers. It will be a brand new number.
* The rate center availability is more limited (2200 versus 7500+ for traditional residential service).
* It is a separate terminal adapter or DTA (currently free).

Many customers have been chomping at the bit for when Packet8 can be used for fax. Once they are aware that it exists now, I'd expect to see a run from existing customers to get it AND a stampede from others once they hear it's available.

To see for yourself and delve deeper into what Packet8 offers for broadband phone users click here: Packet8

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