Monday, March 05, 2007

DisneyPhone [Disney Mobile]....What Will They Think Of Next

Looks like the Mickey Mouse Nation has joined the ranks of the Broadband Nation. In fact Walt's (as in Walt Disney) favorite Steamboat Willie (Mickey's original name and title of the 1st "Mickey Mouse" cartoon) has jumped right into the middle of the cell phone wars. Step aside Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, and all you other usurpers! (LOL)

By clicking on “selecting other carriers” at THE WIRELESS STORE you can see the new, hot-selling Disney phone [It will say Disney Mobile]. This phone package is very popular for families as it offers a full menu of family-friendly options along with the Disney Name.

With Family Locator, parents can find and map the location of their child's phone right from your handset or from the Family Center section of the web site. Using the latest in GPS satellite technology, Family Locator tracks the location of their child's phone. Family Locator is a password-protected application and only adult family members have the ability to locate a child on the Family Plan.

Disney Zone houses fun and unique Disney applications. With the Radio Disney application, you can send shout-outs, view your Top 30 list and vote for your favorite song all from your Disney Mobile phone, without calling.

Vault Disney gives Disney Mobile subscribers exclusive access to Disney graphics, wallpapers and themes not available from any other wireless carrier.

Subscribers can use the Family Alert to send prioritized messages to one or more family members at once. From the everyday “Dinner’s at 7…” to more urgent messages like “Soccer practice cancelled, pick me up…”. Family Alert keeps everyone connected.

Family Monitor allows subscribers to set monthly spending allowances for voice, text & pix messages and content download for kids. Both the Family Manager and child will receive an alert right on their handset when a voice or message limit has been reached. At that time they can increase the limit, take no action, or restrict phone usage using Call Control from the Family Center section of the web site.

These are just a few of the great options for people with busy families. Be sure to check out all the pages to see what the DisneyPhone offers....and let people know about Mickey's great prices and services.

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