Monday, February 12, 2007

IP-Based Digital Video Surveillance Grows Up

Video surveillance has traditionally been a closed-circuit analog affair run by the physical security staff. But with the rise of IP-based digital systems, video surveillance has become another application on the corporate network managed by the IT department.

Motion-activated digital surveillance cameras, including those from Mobotix and Axis, are IP-based and capture better detail than analog cameras, with video footage typically stored in corporate servers and shared over IP networks. But digital cameras tend to be almost double the price of analog cameras, so organizations think twice about throwing their old cameras out. A transition step often involves converting analog to digital streams to transmit video surveillance traffic over corporate LAN and WAN links.

There's much going on in the video surveillance arena....and much more to come. For a complete behind the scenes of past, present, and future read this article at Network World:

Special Focus On Digital Security

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