Thursday, February 15, 2007

Global Internet Phone Services.....International VoIP Calling From DeltaThree

If you're looking for a broadband phone service with great international calling rates....that can be used anywhere all over the world....and has a long list of most wanted features're in luck.

iConnectHere from DeltaThree Inc. is a full featured broadband phone service that's available most anywhere and has a reputation for offering the best rates in the world. As a matter of fact.....iConnectHere international calling rates are consistently less than BOTH Skype AND Vonnage. Just visit their website and compare for yourself: International Calling

Besides great rates the list of features included will simply make your jaw drop!

As if that's not enough....besides giving you a FREE phone adapter DeltaThree will ship your FREE Linksys PAP2 to just about anywhere in the world for the low price of $4.99 (USD). Who else will ship to New York, Berlin, Bombay, or Manila for less than five dollars (USD)? No matter where you live, iConnectHere is available!

Plus you can choose from broadband phone, PC to Phone, or Virtual Calling Cards to match your international calling needs and preferences.

Some of the features included are: 911 Dialing, Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Forking, Virtual Calling Card, In-Network Calling, 3-Way Calling, Directory Assistance, Call Waiting. Repeat Dial, Do Not Disturb, and MORE.

On top of all that.....DeltaThree will also give you a $30 (USD) signing bonus just for being a new customer. What's that mean? They'll PAY YOU to use their service!

With all that is available from iConnectHere I suggest you drop by their website and look through what they offer for yourself. It'll definitely put a smile on your face....and money in your pocket.


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