Monday, November 20, 2006

Burstable DS3 Bandwidth....Smart Network Solution In The Right Situation

In today’s business environment, Internet bandwidth requirements are constantly increasing to keep up with demand — everything from end-user Internet accessibility to the sharing of enterprise applications. In addition, there is access to corporate intranet or extranet resources, Internet-based e-mail services, large data and file transfers between networks, and advanced broadband applications such as streaming media, multi-media, video conferencing, and more.

If you require full-time, super-high-capacity access to the Internet, with moderate bandwidth usage most of the time, but very high bandwidth usage in short bursts, your business WAN or LAN solution may benefit best from a burstable DS3 Internet connection.

This connection provides your business or enterprise with a dedicated, flexible, 24-hour-a-day high capacity, low latancy circuit to the Internet via multiple Tier I peering arrangements. You normally receive 4 Mbps minimum Internet access with a maximum of 45 Mbps...often billed in 1 Mbp increments after the first 4 Mbps. Therefore fixed customer fees are based on the monthly commitment, leaving open the option for bursting whenever your traffic load requires. You use what you need....when you need it....and only pay for what you use.

Now that makes business sense.

To request free rate quotes for burstable or full DS3 bandwidth service.... comparing multiple providers available in your area....use this free service:

DS3 Bandwidth


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