Thursday, October 12, 2006

VPN (Virtual Private Network)....The Solution For Multi-Site Networks

Lately we've come across an increasing number of growing businesses that find themselves needing to communicate securely over the internet. As the number of locations grow, so does the importance of integration and coordination.

A Virtual Private Network can turn the web into a virtual pipe that connects all of the many locations of your enterprise, enabling sensitive data to flow back and forth without the risk of interception.

You can build two types of VPN applications; an intranet VPN and a extranet LAN connection. Both allow users in multiple locations to work in a shared, secure environment. Best of all, a VPN allows you to scale the size of your network quickly and cheaply, compared to the old-school leased T-1 line approach.

We have many T-carriers that specialize in VPN and even in double-encrypted VPN, but best of all we have specialists who have extensive experience that you can draw on to create a cost effective solution for your business.

Even better.....our services are entirely no cost to you. To take advantage of our free consulting simply visit VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK ..... and fill in the details of your application requirements.

Just tell us what you need.....and we'll do the rest.


Blogger Maxwell said...

Here's my gripe with VPNs though. They're buggy, require additional client apps and just seem to be an annoyance at times. What's wrong with using HTTPS with IPSec to create the perfect solution? Heck, most banks allow you to do online banking via HTTPS. What can a VPN do that not possible with HTTPS?
Just curious.

Oh, nice blog!

5:25 AM  

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