Thursday, October 19, 2006

....Voice T1 Service....

Too often your company's search for dedicated communication network services will often turn up only those focused exclusively on broadband data (Fractional T1 through OCX).

You will find that we have a unique focus on the ability to deliver voice t1 services also, both local and long distance, including the popular PRI (23 voice channels plus 1 data channel dedicated for the transfer of information, such as Caller ID for example).

Our product specialists have years of experience helping inbound and outbound call centers, customer support centers, hotel and resort complexes, corporate headquarters, medical facilities, and other businesses who rely heavily on reliable business telephone service.

Not only will we help you save you the most money, we'll figure out a way to do it without sacrificing the integrity of your t1 voice service.

Of course we can also deliver Data bandwidth solutions also....T1 thru OCx. Matching your requirements with the best available top tier provider in your area (US only) is our specialty.

So please take advantage of our free consulting and RFQ services....and get just the right voice OR data dedicated solution for your business application(s).

....Voice T1 Service....


Anonymous Kelly said...

I agree, VoIP T1 service is an affordable alternative that many informed consumers choose to save money rather than spend it on frivolous phone servces.

Nationwide Long Distance

8:05 PM  

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