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Details For The Uniden UIP1868P Whole House VoIP System

Are you looking at getting a broadband phone for your home? Good idea. You can save a ton of cash on all your calling needs. Now...did you know you can have a "whole house" system to cover every place you want a phone in your entire home?

Read on...everything you need to know about the best choice for a whole house system is right here.

The Uniden Whole House VoIP Phone System (UIP1868P) makes setting up and using Packet8 Internet Phone Service a snap - just plug the Ethernet cable from your broadband modem into the base station, configure the built-in router and you're ready to go.

Sleek and attractive, the Whole House VoIP Phone looks good at home or in the office. Designed specifically for Packet8 Internet phone service subscribers, the UIP1868P eliminates the need for a separate router and broadband phone adapter. Fewer boxes means more space and less wires to contend with.

The Uniden UIP1868P is expandable to up to 10 cordless Uniden handsets, enabling subscribers to access their Packet8 service in every room of their home. Also, the built-in router is tuned to prioritize voice packets and manage available bandwidth better than standalone routers.

Packet8 subscribers receive unlimited residential calling in the U.S. and Canada for only $19.99 a month as well as unlimited calling from Packet8 phone to Packet8 phone worldwide. In addition to low international rates, Packet8 standard features include voicemail, caller ID with name, call waiting, 3-way calling and many others that traditional phone services charge extra for.

Uniden Special Offers

* $30 instant discount for new and existing subscribers of either Freedom Annual, Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Unlimited Global or Business 2000 plans on the Uniden UIP1868.

* $50 additional mail-in rebate for new Freedom Annual or Freedom Unlimited subscribers.


* Built-in router
- Designed for prioritization of voice packets
- Manages bandwidth
- Eliminates need for external router purchase and set-up

* Supports up to 10 Uniden digital 5.8GHz accessory handsets
- A cordless phone for every room
- Compatible with existing 5.8Ghz Uniden handsets

* Base keypad and duplex speakerphone
- Hands free calling
- Great for a group setting

* Caller ID handset with Speakerphone
- Hands free calling

* WAN/LAN Routing with built-in firewall
- Protection from viruses

* Do Not Disturb Setting
- Peace and quiet when you want it

* New Message Waiting Indicator with Alert Tone Option
- Never leave a message unheard

* 2-way radio communication
- Communicate throughout your home with walkie-talkie capability

* 20 distinctive rings
- Customize the way you receive calls

* Programmable CID or memory locations
- Enter your frequently called numbers

* Transfer Memory Locations Between Handsets
- Conveniently sync up multiple handsets with your most frequently called

* Headset Compatibility
- Eliminates neck strain during long phone conversations

* Handset paging
- Locate the cordless units quickly

* English/French/Spanish language support
- Multi-lingual presentation for ease of understanding

* Belt Clip
- Keep a cordless handset with you wherever you go


* User Interface 1 foreign exchange station (FXS) RJ-11 telephone port

* LAN Network Interface 1 RJ-45 10/100B-T Ethernet Port - LAN

* WAN Network Interface 1 RJ-45 10/100B-T Ethernet Port - WAN

* Management Interface Managed through LAN Ethernet Port via HTTP-based GUI

* Regulatory Approvals/Compliances US- FCC Part 15 Class B, UL 60950

* Common Software Specification System Configuration
- Secure Web based Configuration
- Automatic Configuration
- HTTP Firmware Upgrade

* Rear Panel DC 12V - Power, connected 12v. 1A Power Adapter

* Dimensions of Base Station (WxHxD) 7.5" x 2.5" x 5.75"

* Weight of Base Station 1.5 lbs.

* Dimensions of Handset (WxHxD) 1.75" x 2" x 6"

* Weight of Handset 0.5 lbs.

* Entire Package Shipment Weight 5 lbs. 7 oz.

More Details

- VoIP G.711 (A-Law, U-Law), G.729
- SIP RFC3261
- SDP RFC2327
- Carrier Class Interoperability
- DTMF Relay
- Silence Suppression
- Echo Cancellation (16BS)
- QOS Management
- Voice Priority
- Bandwidth Management

- Network Home Router
- NAT based Firewall
- Port Forwarding/Trigging
- DMZ (Host Directed)
- Web Based Configuration and Upgrades
- MAC Address Spoofing
- DHCP Client for WAN Port
- PPPoE Client for WAN Port
- DHCP Server for LAN Port

- Supports 20 clients
- Persistent addressing
- Password Protected Configuration
- Remote Upgrading
- VPN/IPSec Pass-through
- Supports UPNP
- IP Address and Port based IP Filtering


The UIP1868P Whole House VoIP System is expandable up to to 10 TCX905 handsets. You can purchase the handset from the following preferred vendors: Hello Direct


The Uniden UIP1868P Whole House VoIP System with Packet8 Internet Phone Service is a snap to install and start using. Refer to the following documents for instructions on setting up:


Quick-Start Guide (.pdf)

Router Configuration Guide (.pdf)

UIP1868P User Interface Guide (.pdf)


* Purchase requires 1 year commitment to one of the following Packet8 service plans Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Annual, Freedom Unlimited Global and Business 2000. If the Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Annual, Freedom Unlimited Global and Business 2000 subscriber terminates Voice Service within twelve (12) months of the initial purchase of the Uniden Whole House VoIP Phone System, 8x8 shall charge a disconnection fee of ninety-nine dollars ($99.00). The Disconnection Fee shall be waived after subscriber completes twelve (12) months of consecutive service.

Existing Packet8 subscribers can upgrade to a Uniden Whole House VoIP Phone System by logging in to their Self Service portal.

For more information on Packet8 and the Uniden Whole House VoIP System go to: Packet8


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