Monday, October 30, 2006

Cox VoIP Hits All Markets

Cox today noted that its VoIP service is now available in all of the company's markets, after upgrading systems in Santa Barbara and Palos Verdes, California. The press release then informs you that while the markets are served, they aren't completely served - that comes in 2007 as the company pushes VoIP to more customers. According to the cable provider, 1.9 million households now use Cox VoIP service.

To be a bit more specific, markets where Cox launched Circuit Switched Telephony starting in late 1996, now offer 2 types of lifeline voice service :

1) Traditional circuit switched voice service, there is an external NIU device on the side of the house which connects to internal phone wiring.. the NIU is powered by the cable network.

2) Packet switched voice service, connectivity is provided by an eMTA in the home. This device has a battery backup, which is required for lifeline service. Sounds like VOIP, but key differences.

Lifeline services are provided due to standby powering, and alarm companies such as ADT support both delivery mechanisms.

So, unlike most popular VOIP products, these voice delivery options provide ALL lifeline services including e911, CALEA, stays on when power goes out, not subject to Internet traffic delays because voice packets do not leave the Cox network where they get QOS.


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