Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tools To Test Your Internet Connection, Bandwidth, & VoIP Speed And Performance

Below are a few testing tools you can use to access the quality and performance of your internet connection, bandwidth, or VoIP system.

IP Performance Test

This tool is used to test your Internet Connection speed. You can test both upload and download speeds. Results will display average bandwidth results from other ISP users that use this testing site. This will give you something to benchmark your broadband Internet connection against.

The speed test allows you to test your Internet connection from multiple locations (click the web host for additional information on each host). Your connection speed may vary from host to host for any of the following reasons: Path your ISP takes to the host, server capacity, Internet traffic, your hardware or OS, neighborhood (cable users). Finding the host that gives you the best results is a good measurement of how fast your Internet connection is.

Bandwidth Line Test

What does this do? It tests your line speed, both upload and download. The test servers are located in quality data centers for maximum accuracy. Please see the FAQ section on this speed test for further information. Please visit the Speed test result archive, to compare the results others are getting, in your area, or in your DNS domain (ISP). The average results obtained match provider advertised speeds within a reasonable margin of error.

VoIP System Test will make a call from wherever you are to one of their U.S. or international test locations and report the results for free. It'll only take about 20 seconds if you have Java installed.


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