Monday, September 25, 2006

All You'll Ever Want To Know About WiMax Wireless Broadband Technology

Ok....mea culpa. I'll be the first to admit that there's so much I really don't know about WiMax protocol. But I do know where to look first. ;)

Intel has a very nice collection of white papers, articles, and training resources on WiMax for anyone that needs them (such as dummies like me). Skip over to Intel and see for yourself. As good a place as any to start your education.

Intel Wimax Information Resource

Topics covered by this Intel resource include:

* White Papers

- The Complete Guide to WiMAX (April 2006) A Supplement to Telephony Magazine (PDF 3.86MB)

-Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology Reference Guide for WiMAX Networks (PDF 1.3MB)

- Mobile WiMAX - Part I: A Technical Overview and Performance Evaluation (PDF 794KB)

- Mobile WiMAX - Part II: A Comparative Analysis (PDF 2.8MB)

- OFDMA PHY SAP Interface Specification for 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access Base Station (PDF 605KB)

- Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (PDF 117KB)

- Adaptive Modulation (QPSK, QAM) (PDF 161KB)

- Understanding Wi-Fi and WiMAX as Metro-Access Solutions (PDF 343KB)

- Deploying License-Exempt WiMAX Solutions (PDF 240KB)

- Mobile WiMAX: The Best Personal Broadband Experience! (PDF 293KB)

* Training

- Wi-Fi and WiMAX as Alternatives for Implementing Last-Mile Wireless Broadband Services

- WiMAX Technology Enables Digital Movie Screening: Discussion Archive

- Wireless Broadband Standards Overview

- WiMAX, A New Revenue Opportunity

- An Introduction to IEEE 802.16

* Web Seminars

- For Service Providers
- Broadband Wireless: Enabling New Services Through Standards

- WiMAX, A Revenue Opportunity For Developers

- Deploying Mobile WiMax - The Path to 4G

- Broadband Wireless Access: An Introduction to WiMAX and IEEE 802.16 has a nice collection of news and resources too. Again...definitely worth a visit......


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