Thursday, August 10, 2006

How To Find The Best Avaya Phone System Dealer Near YOU

Here's the situation......

You've decided you need an upgrade to your business communication system....or you need a complete new system....and have decided to go with an IP Telephone network.

Now what?

Well.....after a lot of gnashing of teeth, and late night bull sessions with your IT's likely that you discover the best choice for a provider is a company called Avaya.

Great choice...their reputation is well earned and they are definitely at the top of the food chain.

Next do you find a reliable Avaya Phone System dealer near you?

Easy......instead of exhausting yourself searching the yellow pages, calling old college buddies, pestering golfing partners, or begging Chamber of Commerce members for referals....simply drop in at AVAYA IP Phone Systems.

This resource offers a very easy and convenient way to search for certified and authorized Avaya Phone System Dealers in your area....view reviews from past customers....and select the best fit for you. There is no pressure or commitment to buy - this is a free service that helps buyers contact the most appropriate (and nearest) dealer.

For your information....if you didn't know.... Avaya is a leader in IP telephone equipment for small, medium, AND large businesses. Avaya is also famous as the manufacturer of the popular Avaya Merlin Magix, which can grow to over 200 phones.

Need to know more about Avaya Phone System Dealers?

Here ya go.......Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable IP telephony systems and communications software applications and services. Using this search resource, you can easily find Avaya Telephone System dealers in your area..... and products including 2400 Series Digital Telephone, 302D Attendant Console, 4600 Series IP Telephones, 6200 Series Analog Telephones, C360 Converged Stackable Switch, G150/G250/G350/G650/G700 Media Gateway, M770 ATM Switch, Octel © 200/300 Message Servers, and SG203/SG208 Security Gateways, etc.

So when you get ready to look for a good Avaya yourself time, effort, money, and an Advil addiction by using the AVAYA PHONE SYSTEMS resource.


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