Friday, June 23, 2006 Launched June 1, 2006....Leads For Telephone Equipment Sellers And Installers

As you focus on your core Telecommunications business, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the T1 service industry that affect you and your customers. Here's a few things that I think will bring you more telephone equipment business....and are deserving of your consideration.


The creators of have been working on a revolutionary VAR Search Engine portal for the past two years and on June 1, 2006, the site officially launched. Customers looking for equipment installers and providers (you) in your local area can now perform an EASY two-step search.

ShopforT1's small army of internet marketing specialists have already begun their work to begin driving targeted, qualified web traffic to the site, just as they have done for T1 customers of With little effort can become a MAJOR source of new equipment and installation leads for you in the immediate future!


Unlike the yellow pages and other VAR-lead-referal web sites, the VARNetwork does not charge you, or the prospect looking to generate a work request, anything. They fund their marketing operation by asking you to pay a nominal 5% commission on any sales that you do make as a result of an introduction made through their program. This eliminates your marketing risk and helps them compensate their marketing agents (so they keep driving traffic and leads to you!) It is truly a WIN-WIN for everyone!

When their system matches an interested party with your company, you will receive an email notification. You can view the prospects' detailed information on your ShopforT1 Back Office: (See "Equipment Leads Section). When you view an Equipment Customer Record, you'll see the new CRM they created just for you! This CRM allows you to modify the record, add notes, set future tasks, send delayed email (really cool feature), track the customers' status, and more!


When a prospect comes to looking to purchase equipment or hire a VAR to provide technical services, the VARSearch(tm) technology springs into action. The major matching criteria include:

1. Proximity - how far your location(s) are from the prospect

2. Category Match - how many service categories you cover match those that the prospect selected (EX: Wiring, PBX Equipment, etc)

3. Individual Name Brand Matches - how many products you are authorized to sell versus those the customer has specifically listed in his search (EX: Avaya, NEC, Cisco)

** Items 1 thru 3 are based on your VAR Service Profile. If you have not filled it out (in your Back Office), you WILL NEVER SHOW UP IN ANY SEARCHES.

(Now, the criteria you can actually control)

4. T1 leads sent to ShopforT1. You get bonus points for each lead you refer.

5. T1 sales closed through ShopforT1. You get even MORE bonus points for each T1 purchase.

6. Customer Feedback - do a great job and your customers surveys will come back roses for you, providing you with more bonus points.

7. Agent Feedback - other ShopforT1 product specialists will be sending you equipment leads. Do a great job with these customers and the referring agents will let other agents know (by way of the agent survey) how good you are, again, providing you with MORE bonus points.

Once you receive a lead, the best way to win the customers' business is to contact them ASAP. When you contact the customer, use to keep notes on your conversation, update the leads' status, schedule future tasks for yourself, queue up an email to go out on the customers' birthday - all of these activities will help you convert that prospect into a telecom equipment customer for life.

Lastly, when you begin receiving leads, ShopForT1 will also receive a carbon-copy of the email so that they can assist you if you have any questions about what to do next.

All in all....if you are involved in the selling or installation of telephone equipment of any kind....this is a tremendous opportunity for you.


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