Monday, May 08, 2006

Uniden UIP1868P Whole House VoIP Phone System With Packet8 Internet Phone Service

For anyone looking for a whole house broadband phone solution you're in luck. Packet8 offers a very cost effective package built around the Uniden UIP1868P VoIP system delivering total coverage of your entire house. The package includes a special rebate offer on the necessary equipment....and an unlimited calling plan covering all of the US and Canada.

The Uniden Whole House VoIP Phone System (UIP1868P)....including a 2-in-1 IP Phone with built-in Router....makes setting up and using Packet8 Internet Phone Service a snap – just plug the Ethernet cable from your broadband modem into the Uniden 1868 base station, configure the built-in router and you’re ready to go.

Sleek and attractive, the Whole House VoIP Phone looks good at home or in the office. Designed specifically for Packet8 Internet phone service subscribers, the UIP1868P eliminates the need for a separate router and broadband phone adapter. Fewer boxes means more space and less wires to contend with.

The Uniden UIP1868P is expandable to up to 10 cordless Uniden handsets, enabling subscribers to access their Packet8 service in every room of their home. Also, the built-in router is tuned to prioritize voice packets and manage available bandwidth better than standalone routers.

Packet8 subscribers receive unlimited residential calling in the U.S. and Canada for only $19.99 a month as well as unlimited calling from Packet8 phone to Packet8 phone worldwide. In addition to low international rates, Packet8 standard features include voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling and many others that traditional phone services charge extra for.


- Built-in router allowing for prioritization of voice packets and bandwidth management

- Built-in broadband phone adapter eliminates need for extra equipment and wires

- Supports up to 10 Uniden digital 5.8GHz accessory handsets

- Base keypad and duplex speakerphone

- Handset speakerphone

- WAN/LAN Routing with built-in firewall

- 2-way radio communication

- 20 distinctive rings

- Programmable CID or memory locations

- Handset paging

- English/French/Spanish language support

- And many more

Note: Existing Packet8 subscribers who wish to upgrade to a Uniden Whole House VoIP Phone System can do so through their “Account Details” page after logging in.

* This instant rebate offer is good for new subscribers only. Purchase requires 1 year commitment to one of the following Packet8 service plans Freedom Unlimited, Freedom International, Freedom Global Unlimited and Business 2000. If the subscriber terminates Voice Service within twelve (12) months of the initial purchase of the Uniden Whole House VoIP Phone System, 8x8 shall charge a disconnection fee of ninety-nine dollars ($99). The Disconnection Fee shall be waived after subscriber completes twelve (12) months of consecutive service.


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