Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just What Is Metro Ethernet??

Metro Ethernet is a computer network based on the Ethernet standard covering a metropolitan area. It connects subscribers and businesses to a Wide Area Network, commonly the Internet. Large businesses can also use Metro Ethernet to connect branch offices to their Intranets.

Ethernet has been a well known technology for decades. It is said that an Ethernet interface is 10 times cheaper when compared to a SDH or PDH interface of the same bandwidth. Ethernet also supports high bandwidths with fine granularity, which is not available with traditional SDH connections. Therefore, bringing Ethernet in to the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) introduces a lot of advantages to both the Service Provider and the Customer (corporate and residential).

A typical service provider Metro Ethernet network is a collection of Layer 2 or 3 switches or Routers connected throgh optical fiber. The topology could be a ring, hub-and-spoke (star), full mesh or partial mesh. The network will also have a hierarchy; core, distribution and access. The core in most cases is an existing IP/MPLS backbone.

Ethernet on the MAN can be used as pure Ethernet, Ethernet over SDH, Ethernet over MPLS or Ethernet over DWDM. Pure Ethernet based deployments are cheap but less reliable and scalable. SDH based deployments are useful when there is an existing SDH infrastructure already in place. MPLS based deployments are costly but highly reliable and scalable.

Basically there are 2 types of services, which could be delivered through Metro Ethernet:

* E-Line also known as Virtual Leased Line and Point-to-Point.

* E-LAN also known as Virtual Private LAN Services, Transparent LAN Services and MultiPoint-to-MultiPoint.

There are lot of vendors supplying equipment for Metro Ethernet deployments. They include Alcatel, Cisco Systems, Huawei, ZTE, C-COR, Nortel Networks, Foundry Networks and many more. For assistance in finding the right solution for your Metro Ethernet, SONET, or GigE applications we suggest the free consulative services of Business Ethernet.

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