Friday, April 21, 2006

Who Are The Fastest Broadband ISPs?? Tips To Find Out What You Really Need To Know.

It can be very frustrating when you want to find out just how well your ISP really performs....or prospective ISP if you're shopping around. You really don't want to take their word for it (and get the usual marketing drivel). But how do you become the educated consumer.... so you can operate from a position of knowledge (sic strength) rather than ignorance (sic weakness)?

Well ... to start you can look over the speed test review table at The table lists over 100 ISPs with number of tests that week, domain (DNS look-up), type, down kpbs, upload kpbs, other details....and rates them in order of performance (based on average over last 7 days). The table is updated daily so check back as often as you need to.

Interested in testing the packet loss of your line, comparing your ping time with other users, modifying your TCP stack, checking for bad routers, scanning for open ports and windows exploit points, testing if you're setup correctly for broadband TCP connectivity, tracking your connectivity with weekly reports, and much more? You'll find more tools to help you do all that at They're a great resource and I strongly suggest you take advantage of everything they make available to the public....for no charge.

I’d also like to add that the backbone is more important than the access in many if not most cases. All to often we load the access points up with gobs of space but forget about the transit and egress points. Naturally results vary by ISP and where they forward your traffic. As an example, if a broadband company also hosts most of the popular websites their 1.5M (DSL) customers may get better “speeds” than say a 3-4M (Cable) user.

I suggest watching the Internet Health Reports provided by Keynote for good “Cloud to Cloud” stats.


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