Wednesday, April 05, 2006

T1, DS3, OC3, & GigE Bandwidth Specials Available

Finding just the right match to meet the bandwidth requirements of your specific application needs doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming, or labor intensive.

It can be easy. Very easy.

Simply sbmit your detailed RFQ via the link below and you'll get the best Tier 1 pricing in the US for T1, DS3, OC3, and GigE networks in whatever configuration needed....comparing multiple providers available for the location(s) you designate.

FreedomFire Communications

Once you select a plan that interests you, your own personal technical advisor will contact you to discuss the details of your quote, confirm the best pricing, and assist you with the acquisition process. They'll negotiate on your behalf, do the paperwork, monitor provisioning and installation, and even run interference for you with the chosen vendor for the life of your contract.


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