Friday, April 28, 2006

Looking For Telecommunications Equipment Business Owners To Exchange Leads

Most of you who read Broadband Nation and/or subscribe to our news feed are actively involved in the US telecommunications industry in some respect. Many in Information Technology, network engineering, software applications, telephone systems, network security, and such.

For those of you who are actual business owners, company decision makers, and independent network's an opportunity you should definitely take advantage of.

But first....a couple questions.

Do you provide any of the following?

·Network Equipment
·Network Installation
·Network Management
·ASP Software Applications
·Interconnection Services
·PBX solutions
·Key Systems
·Network Security
·Predictive Dialers
·Security Software

If would you like FREE leads in your area specificly in need of your services for telephone system or LAN installation, telecommunications equipment, or other network support?

That's a no brainer right?'s obvious that after you've installed a LAN or phone system your customers will still need to be connected to the outside world.

That's where we come in. As a value added service that YOU can provide your you a competitive advantage over all the other networking or telecom suppliers in your area who can only do part of the job. You'll be able to service your customers needs end to end.

We will provide your customer that outside connectivity from your key telephone or PBX system to digital phone lines such as channelized T1 or T1 PRI lines.....or from your internal LAN network to WAN solutions such as dedicated internet lines via T1, bonded T1, DS3, MPLS, OC3, OC12, OC48, Metro Ethernet, Ethernet WAN, Gigabit Ethernet, SONET, and all of the other flavors of digital WAN connections.

In return you get more leads from us for your primary business....possible commissions for any leads you exchange that result in a sale for us....and VERY happy customers who now know they can get all their needs filled by YOU.

Once don't have to be the expert in digital telecommunications circuits. We'll be the expert FOR you.

You simply find out what interface your customer needs and then refer them to us. We'll take it from there.

Let's face it, your customers are going to order those lines through someone. It might as well be you....with you benefiting from that service.

How can you make this happen?


You simply register your business with us as a VAR or Value Added Reseller. That's it. What's more there is no cost to you to do this.

How will it work?

After you register....just start refering your customers needing bandwidth to us. We will discuss the available options with you and/or your customer, generate guaranteed competitive quotes from multiple providers, negotiate on your customer's behalf with these providers to ensure the most cost effective solution, take care of the contractual paperwork, facillitate the provisioning process, and also serve as your customer's advocate with the chosen provider for the life of their contact.

Also, the size of your business is not a factor. Whether you're an independent network consultant working out of your home or a business telephone system supplier with an army of technicians. This opportunity will work for you as long as you have contact with businesses that need digital telecommunication circuits.

To learn more....and to express an interest....please contact Jon Arnold directly at (321) 223-5238.

[NOTE: Jon is managing the program and is quite busy. Please tell Jon you were refered by Michael Lemm so he knows you're legit]. can ask questions and register your formal interest using the "Contact Us" tab at


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