Monday, April 10, 2006

Buy Broadband At Walmart....Comcast To Offer Shoppers Cable, VoIP

The nation's largest cable provider has struck a deal with the world's largest retailer to offer broadband and VoIP service in 500 Walmart stores. Comcast, as expected, is ramping up its VoIP deployment and advertising, and the deal should quickly boost their VoIP subscriber numbers. Cable already controls 52% of the VoIP market - and that's before Comcast has really even started trying.

Comcast execs have scoffed at indie VoIP providers with a $55 unbundled price point (see complete pdf Comcast VoIP pricing sheet), which is intended to compete first with Qwest POTS. Comcast has more than 200,000 VoIP customers, and hopes to net a million more via full 35-state deployment before the year is over.

This whole issue has generated quite a energized discussion at I suggest you drop the comments....add yours if you're brave....and make up your own mind about the cable companies play in the VoIP market.


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