Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How Fast Is Your Broadband Connection???

Here's a comprehensive list of bandwidth types and their corresponding speed. Might help you decide if what you have is doing what it is supposed to....or you need it to. If not....pick something else off the list.


OC-255 13.21 Gbps
OC-192 10 Gbps
OC-96 4.976 Gbps
OC-48, STS-48 2.488 Gbps
OC-36 1.866 Gbps
OC-24 1.244 Gbps
OC-18 933.12 Mbps
OC-12, STS-12 622.08 Mbps
OC-9 466.56 Mbps
OC-3, STS-3 155.52 Mbps
CDDI, FDDI, Fast Ethernet, Category 5 cable 100 Mbps
OC-1, STS-1 51.84 Mbps
T-3, DS-3 North America 44.736 Mbps
E-3 Europe 34.368 Mbps
Category 4 cable 20 Mbps
Token Ring LANs 16 Mbps
Thin Ethernet, category 3 cable, cable modem 10Mbps
E-2 Europe 8.448 Mbps
T-2, DS-2 North America 6.312 Mbps
Standard ADSL downstream 6.144 Mbps
S-1c 3.152 Mbps
E-1, DS-1 Europe 2.048 Mbps
ADSL, T-1, DS-1 North America 1.544 Mbps
ISDN 128 Kbps
DS-0, pulse code modulation 64 Kbps
U.S. Robotics x2 modems, 56 Kbps
56flex, x2 modem communications rate 33.6 Kbps
V.34, Rockwell V.Fast Class modems 28.8 Kbps
Level 1 cable, minimum cable data speed 20 Kbps
V.32bis modem, V.17 fax 14.4 Kbps
modem speed circa early 1990s 9600 bps
modem speed circa 1980s 2400 bps


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