Friday, March 17, 2006

EchoStar (DishNetwork) To Merge With DirecTV?

All signs seem to be pointing to something possibly in the works between EchoStar (parent of DishNetwork) and DirecTV. I'm not sure you could call it a full fledged merger yet (which wouldn't be a bad idea IMHO)....but at least a teaming up on broadband service to fight the consumer eating dragon we all know as the cable companies. Whatever happens, hopefully it will take a bite out of cable companies gauging of consumers for their bundled broadband.... and offer a few more choices while initiating some sanity in the pricing CableCos offer now. If for no other reason than that the threat of stronger satellite backed competition might scare them a bit.

This tidbit was recently reported in the Rocky Mountain News stating that EchoStar Communications' Chief Executive Charlie Ergen has given the strongest indication yet that the satellite-television provider would team with larger rival DirecTV to establish a broadband service. DirecTV, whose controlling shareholder is Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., is working on technology that could allow it to offer services including phone and wireless high-speed Internet to homes and mobile devices. That would give satellite-TV providers a way to counter cable companies' bundle of video, high-speed Internet and phone service.

If you're interested in seeing what EchoStar offers for satellite services now.... you can peruse DishNetwork. If you're just interested in finding a satellite internet access provider for your can use this search website to find and compare what may be available to you: Satellite Internet Access


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