Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When You Need Bandwidth For Your WISP, WiFi, Or WiMax Venture...Where Do You Go?

Not a simple answer...or so you may think.

Frustrating, time consuming, confusing, stressful, expensive...could be.

But doesn't have to be.

The *VIABLE* business model being utilized by hundreds of companies that do the same thing as you're involved with is the following scenario - I will say "Your Company" in this example but that would apply to any of these companies:

1. "Your Company" finds the opportunity and sells it [e.g rural WISP, Muni-WiFi, Muni-WiMAX].
2. "Your Company" works with FreedomFire Communications (us) to get the best possible deal on bandwidth.
3. The ***CUSTOMER*** signs the bandwidth contract ("Your Company's" customer).
4. "Your Company", using the customer's bandwidth, deploys the remainder of the overall solution.
5. "Your Company" is responsible for all aspects of what they did, the carrier is responsible for the bandwidth. If there are problems, "Your Company" will work with the carrier to resolve the problems, which are typically limited to extremely simple things like a blocked port that needs to be opened.

With this we could "bring the bandwidth" at the best possible available cost. Profits etc. of the project are yours 100%. Our benefit is limited to sale of the bandwidth. Risk is shared appropriately by "Your Company", your customer, and the bandwidth provider.

Makes sense...saves you time, effort, and money...and gets the required bandwidth for the project from reliable Tier 1 providers at the best cost.

Problem solved.


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