Saturday, February 18, 2006

....T1, DS3, OC3, OC12, & OC48 Bandwidth Available....

For anyone frantically looking for bandwidth solutions for any reason.... a special IT project, an increase in your network requirements, adding a new business location, replacing old systems, needing more cost effective solutions than what you have.....relax.

You don't need to work over time, watch your blood pressure rise, or worry about cost over-runs and deadlines.

These guys will take care of it for no cost to you.

Simply enter your detailed requirements in their webportal below & you'll automatically receive real time rate quote info via email comparing multiple providers available in the specific area you specify....neat little tool. You can do that in just a couple minutes.

Bandwidth Requirements

They'll follow that up with more detailed research and get back to you. They even negotiate on your behalf, do the paper work, monitor the provisioning and installation process, and serve as your advocate throughout your contract with whatever provider you choose. End to end solution I'd say.

If you prefer, you can call them toll free instead and discuss your specific needs live:

1-866-436-7868 Ref ID# 1182

BTW, did I mention this is a no cost service? I love free stuff. ;)

So sit back and relax. Let somebody else do the heavy lifting. You just reap the rewards.


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