Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Packet8 Broadband Phone Just Got Even Better!! New Features Added.

Packet8 just got even better with the new features they made available this morning....

[Combined with their current Special of free the 1st month and 50% off the next 3 months....NOW is the time to get yourself a Packet8 Broadband Phone!]

Explanation of the new features is provided below..........


To all Packet8 Subscribers:

Great news! Packet8 is proud to announce an automatic upgrade of the service has been completed and new features are now available to all Packet8 residential & videophone subscribers (not Virtual Office) at no additional cost. The new features are:


Packet8 now allows you to receive an email notification with the actual message attached as an audio file every time you receive a voicemail message.

You will be able to forward voicemails to others as an email attachment or even save them to your PC's hard drive for future reference.


Packet8's Follow Me, Find Me feature is a combined hunting and multi- ringing function that allows you to enter up to five sets of phone numbers to ring in sequence. For example: you can set your mobile phone number as well as youroffice phone number to ring when your Packet8 home number is not answered.

When a call comes in and you are not at home, after ringing the assigned number of times, the call will cease to ring on the Packet8 home number and then move on to ringing the mobile phone. Then if there's no answer on the mobile, the call moves on to ringing your office number. If there's still no answer, the call can then be guided to your voicemail box.

Note: For our existing Packet8 subscribers who want to Call Forward to one number only, just go to the Follow Me, Find Me settings and enter the phone number you want to call forward. Also, this feature will not function unless your Packet8 device is plugged in.


The Simultaneous Ring feature will allow multiple phone lines to ring at the same time, including standard PSTN numbers. With this feature, you will never miss a call.

To enjoy this feature, log into your Packet8 Account Details page and adjust your settings. Also, this feature will not function unless your Packet8 device is plugged in.


Now, dialing locally is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. You no longer need to dial 1 plus your area code when calling any number within the same area code as your primary Packet8 number. To enjoy this feature, log into your Packet8 Account Details page, select this new option and adjust the settings to make it your default.

After you make 7-digit local dialing your default, you will be able to check your voicemail by dialing your Packet8 phone number or **012- 0555.

Here is the procedure to check your Packet8 voicemail:

- From your Packet8 phone: Dial your Packet8 phone number or **012-0555 and when prompted enter your password. (The default password is 0000.)

- From any phone in or outside of the U.S., dial your Packet8 phone number and when your own voice message plays, press the "#" key then follow the prompt to enter your password. (The default password is 0000.)

Note: When making international calls with 7-digit or 10-digit local dialing as your default setting, you MUST dial 0-1-1 before the country code.


If, for some reason your Internet connection goes down, you will lose Packet8 phone service until it is restored. However, you won't lose callers as they can be automatically forwarded to any other number (like a cell phone) that you have pre-programmed.

To enjoy this feature, log into your Packet8 Account Details page and adjust your settings.

CALL WAITING DISABLE *70 per call or all calls

You can now disable call waiting in two easy ways:

1) On a per call basis - By dialing *70 before making your call, you can disable the call waiting feature for that specific call. Doing this will send all incoming callers to voicemail or present a busy tone if voicemail is disabled while you are on the call.

2) For all calls - By logging into your Account Details page, you can enable/disable your Call Waiting feature for all calls made. Thank you for being a Packet8 subscriber. We appreciate your business and will work hard to make you a very satisfied subscriber.


The Packet8 Support Team


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