Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AOL Price Going Up....Grab Your Wallet

Leave it to AOL to screw up a good thing. Although I've always believed their dial-up service to be over hyped and over priced...things just got worse. AOL is now going to charge more for their dial-up service....so much more that it's almost as much as a decent broadband connection. The new price will be around $25.90/month. That's absolutely ridiculous for dial-up internet service.

Hmmmmmm.....see the real motive here?

AOL has like what....14 million dial-up subscribers? That number is dropping consistently too with the competition being cheaper and the increased migration toward high speed internet access.

The future of internet access is high speed and multi-media convergence. Both of which AOL is attempting to get a bigger piece of.

So....why not "encourage" your customer base to transition to that high speed internet "faster" (no pun intended).

Just charge them more for that junk you already give them....and then dangle a carrot (high speed) that costs close to the same. Ah ha.....that's the ticket.

But....this could backfire. You see AOL Doesn't have their own high speed internet product.

Read that 1 again.


AOL broadband is actually nothing more than a reseller for providers like BellSouth, Verizon, and others.

Now....if those some 14 million AOL dial-up users were smart they wouldn't blindly follow AOL's "leading them to slaughter". Instead...they'd shop around. Go right to the source so to speak. After all....you wouldn't really be buying AOL anyway so why not see what choices you truly have.

Got ya covered there Sherlock. Here's a tool that'll search for DSL, cable, and satellite providers in your area....and compare their prices including any specials: ShopForDSL.com


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