Thursday, January 19, 2006

Vonnage Sucks! Yea...I Said It! that I got that out in the open. LOL No real secret if you've followed any of the posts in this blog on broadband phones. I ... don't... like ... Vonnage.


Here's just 2 easy reasons...they've built their business on a massive marketing campaign not quality of their service...and they cost more than everybody else but act like they don't. Yea, snappy commercial jingle but "where's the beef"?

Plus...they're being very secretive about their real future. Don't be fooled by that supposed recent huge influx of investor capital and their impending IPO. Their real future (according to Russell Shaw of is to sell themselves off to one of the Telecom big players for a big score as soon as they're attractive enough. Now what do you think will happen THEN? Price goes up more...and quality goes down more.

Now, if you REALLY want to be smart about choosing a broadband phone your homework. Here's a couple resources for getting educated on who has what...does what....and costs what...without the Wall Street advertising jingle junk:

1. Comparison Chart For Broadband Phone Services [Covers VoicePulse, Vonage, BroadVox, Packet8, CallVantage (AT&T), VoiceWing (Verizon), and VoiceGlo.]

2. Feedback Forum For VoIP Phone Users [includes consumer reviews, comments, news updated daily]

Keep this simple explanation of Broadband Phone in mind too....sets them apart from the Skype "stuff" (...don't even get me started on THEM):

Broadband phone services are the next generation of phone service. While they use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, they are closer to a plug-and-play solution than previous implementations of VoIP. All companies send their customers a device which you plug your touch-tone phone and your broadband Internet connection into -- that's it! You just pick up the phone, there's a dialtone, and you can start making calls. For the majority of subscribers, it literally takes less than five minutes to setup and most users agree that the quality of their new broadband phone is equal or better than their traditional phone.

Now who would I recommend.

Easy....Packet8....hands down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feb 22 The vonnage system is down I cannot get voice mail. I called their corporate officegot the same voicemail...called there media rep Nicole answered the phone and transfered me to nothing...what can we do obviously change or drop vonnage...but how can we impress upon their managemnt that there basic system does not work they are currently trying to actively recruit other dupes...

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the begining of the ending of vonnage. they really suck!! I have been put on hold for close to an hour now and no relief in sight. I will spread the news to discourage people from subscribing to their service 'cos it sucks
I hate vonnage

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Louise said...

I don't know if anyone can help me with this; it seems Vonnage can't -or just won;t. Since JUNE, 2006 I have tried to drop vonnage. IN fact, I have not used them since late in May. I called in June and July to cancel their service. They continued to bill me. Not only that - my phone number is still in existance with the message my mail-box is full. I guess so, since I no longer use them!! We've called and called and still money is taken out of our bank account every month for their non-service. The only thing one of their reps could tell me was it's obvious the phone number is not being used, but he was not the one to speak to about cancelling. No one there is the one to speak to about that. Do they think they are never going to lose a customer? Do I have to change my bank account so they'll not have my account number? This is ridiculous! If anyone else has tried and been successful at getting rid of them, please let me know how you did it. I am at a loss, and I've lost quite a bit of money.
And I too have had to hold forever when I let them know my reason for calling.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am trying to disconnect the month's free service with vonage and they want to charge me for every penny I own.

When does the free service start if one does not have the equipment until a week later?

Yes, Vonage sucks! Don't ever sign up!

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Charlie said...

I switched to Vonage on February 7, 2007. I bought at a Best Buy retail store. I wanted the Linksys phone adapter but the salesman, who new nothing, suggested I buy the V-Tech IP8100. Before I realized this would not serve my purposes they had rung up the sale. This created a problem because I had entered my business phone number into the system and I couldn't change because there is no one in that department on Sunday.
After returning to Best Buy the next day I still wasn't able to change. Best Buy did give me the Linksys phone adapter. I was suppose to get a $75 Gift Card from Best Buy after I mailed in my rebate form.
Then it was on to Vonnage customer service for help to change the serial number of the device so mine would work. I chose the $39.99 business plan which gave me a fax line as well. Does anybody still get faxes (other than junk)
I experienced terrible connections. I'd be talking to customers and although I could hear them they couldn't hear me. "Hello, are you there?" I wish I had a knickel for how many times I heard that.
I worked with technical service at Vonnage, reestablished the network connection, moved the Linksys to a remote location away from any other electronics or metal interference with some success although faltering.
I just moved back to Verizon today April 9, 2007 and am told that I have to repay the $75 rebate which I've never received and a disconnect fee of $39.99 because I had gone over the 30 day free trial period. That totals $114.99. Boy I saved a lot of money, eh? I hope that Verizon puts Vonnage under because of the patent violations. DO NOT EVEN TRY VONNAGE.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous said...

Daily I have Habu telling me, "The Wonnage device cannot connect to the Wonnage network." I have to do their job for them and unplug and reconnect the power cable. I need to send them a bill for my services.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous kevin said...

I've had Vonnage now for three and a half years. So far I have'nt had any trouble with it. The bill does seem to go up every few months, so I'll likely dump them soon. I hope it's not going to be like what I've read here. To Louise: Myself I pay vonnage through a debit card linked to my bank account. If you pay the same way, then if you change the card number, they will not be able to draw funds from your account. It's a good idea to change card numbers every once in a while just for security reasons.

12:20 PM  
Blogger clauss said...

hi, i live in chile and i used to be a customer service rep for vonage. ive been reading all your coments and i agree this all is pretty usual and vonage does suck. i wanna say that if you want vonage stop charging you just go to your vonage web account and change any of your credit card digits, your billing adress or your name and last name. that way vonage wont be able to charge you. since vonage wont charge you, they will put your account on grace, then on suspended and then it will be finally disconected after 57 days since the first day they coudnt charge you. since i dont live in usa i dont know what can they do to you legaly, but acording to the TOS, they only wont allow you to have another vonage account attached to your credit card, email or billing adress, but hey, who would like that?...i hope this could help you, if you have any more questions..just email me ;)


3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are all sooo right... I had vonage for about two years and it worked ok. Then I got married and moved. Since I am on third shift, I got busy and just never got around to cancelling it nearly a year after I moved and quit using the service. That part is on me... Nonetheless, when I finally called to cancel the service, the "gentelman" that I spoke with could barely speak English. He practically refused to cancel my service. He continued to offer me a few months at a disconted price even after I explained that I had not used the service in a year. Finally, after 1 hour and 15 min. the guy transferred me to another guy to cancel the service. Then, that guy had the nerve to ask me if there was anything he could do to keep me from leaving. In the end, it took nearly 1 1/2 hours to cancel my service... STAY AWAY!!!!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok boys and girls... ill make this short... im a vonage agent... yes im on the phone when u cry over shit... but im not here to insult u guys, just to give you the truth... so, lets do this right... if you have any doubts about this just write to -- -- of course im not gonna give you any information about me... so u can call me mr. truth, im just here to tell you how shit works here... im not defending the company, im not defending you... just telling the truth... wanna know why?? vonage steals money (nothing new) but i work for that bad company, and i cant stay just like that, its just a way to feel better... ok, first thing first... if you are gonna write to that email then insult the company, any personal insult will not make me feel bad or make me cry... so they will just not be answered... two, im not from the US, im southamerican, and i hope that ur not gonna start gettin xenofobic... now lets get straight to business

since i hate xenofobic acts ill start from there... when u call and start with... "are u in america??" well, yes i am, dont take over the continent... there's a lot of countries there with u, thats as xenofobic as ill get... dont ask if im in the phillipines, or india... my english is very decent and ive studied it for over 12 years... an "american" agent wont help u more than me, they have the same tools... ok lets keep going... most of you got screwed over a number port from another company right?? well... when the number is not available is not that someone took it away from u... its just not available for the company... thats why on the vonage website there's a small thing that proves if ur number is portable... if u cancel the service with the other company while the number is being ported... dont cry cuz it got canceled... its pretty obvious... and yes if u have no device and ur number is being ported, u wont be able to use it... it sucks i know, but its how it works... second... supervisors and managers... they dont give a shit about whats going on with u and the manager will never come to talk to u... supervisors have other things to do... we can give u credits and months for free if u want to... but supervisors and managers dont have special powers (dont be a baby, we wont get fired cuz ur mad)... lets go to case number three... pretty much of what ur being charged for is in the terms of service, read them, yes, they're shit but once u sign up for the service it means that u accept them... total basics of a contract... four... if you dont get me ur supervisor, i will call my lawyer/the fbi/the cops/sue ur ass... uuuuuu a lawyer... wait a second... i think i just shit my pants... ive got customers calling their lawyers thousand of times and im not in jail, vonage protects us... fbi cant do shit... nor the cops... the only one that could do something is jack bauer (yes from 24), he's pretty cool and solves shit cuz he's smart... but! jack is not real, the actor is not american... he's british so... not gonna happen... i think thats pretty much it... for now though, when i remember more cases ill come up with them... i hope this help... see u soon boys and girls

7:25 AM  
Anonymous MaggieJ said...

I cancelled my Vonnage service on 11-19-07 in order to take advantage of bundled service for phone and internet offered in my area by Comcast. The young woman I spoke to offered me a free month of Vonnage �in order to give me time to reconsider�. I advised her that I did not plan to reconsider and to please note the account closed. According to Vonnage representative, account notes show that the representative on November 19, 2007, stated in her notes that I agreed to keep the account open and not close it at this time. I most emphatically deny leaving the account open or accepting any offers from Vonnage to maintain my account. I was clear and certain about my decision to close the account.
So of course they STILL continue to debit my account and say it wasn't REALLY cancelled. They are thieves.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It took me about 90 minutes to cancel the horrible lack of service they provide. Worst customer service experience ever. Caveat emptor.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

July 31, 2008
I was Vonnage customer since June 16, 2008 and I just called to cancel all my 3 phone lines with them today.
I have to pay $113 on each line which is $339 for 3 lines for cancelation.
When I called to cancel, they tried to convince me to have them as a back up and pay less a month or get a 1 month free which I really DON'T WANT IT...JUST WANT TO CANCEL IT...
Anyway, with Vonnage, service SUCK, Signal SUCK, They never ask me if I have the alam system or where my router is.....Because I have an alam system so no signal for the alam.....and because I have my office in the basement and all my phone and fax in the basement but my router is in the main level so, they can't set up my 3 phone...
Bottom line - I have to pay for $49.99 x 3 lines plus 3 boxes plus cancelation fee....SUCK...

1:10 PM  
Blogger oldrottenbob said...

To Louise We too have had a closely simllar vonage experience except we never technically connected as our internet would not work with their equipment. We've been trying to get rid of them too! We changed our bank accont only to have them get a collection aency to call us on the phone. Before we changed our account they took 233.00 from our account. I believe they could tell we were never connected to them in the first place. Their adds do not state what kind of internet you must have and the sales rep said dial up high speed would work to get us signed up. I spent a long time on the phone with them to have them assure me they would disconnect us only to have them to continue to try to get money. I wrote to them to protest the funds and ask for a refund and surprise! No response. It took asking over and over on the phone to even get an address out of the guy! For all we know the address could be for an empty lot!

11:14 PM  
Blogger jrmcmillen said...

First off Mr."Vonage" you could not be more wrong on what you are saying can you say SCUMBALL?
First you need to cancell your form of payment immediatly by any means necessary, next dispute all charges to your bank,After that file a report with the Better Buisness Bureau.Make sure you tell everyone you know about the horrible wxperience with Vonage, and lastly rest assured you will get justice, we live in America. I am telling you this based on personal experience being ripped off by these thieves.

10:26 PM  

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