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Setting Up A Virtual Office With VoIP Technology Via Packet8

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership with Virtual Office VoIP while Adding Flexibility for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Packet8 Virtual Office is a Voice over IP (VoIP) hosted PBX service, small business phone system alternative that allows small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) anywhere in the world to employ an unlimited number of extension options and enjoy geographic independence and flexibility. Virtual Office extension options include an unlimited extension, a metered extension or a virtual extension.

With a feature-rich telephone and options that include a unique direct inbound dial (DID) telephone number for every extension for staff located in the same building or spread around the world, Packet8 Virtual Office lowers most SMBs total cost of ownership (TCO) for phone services.

Packet8 Virtual Office cuts the typical private branch exchange (PBX) system start up costs up to 90% through the delivery of a virtual PBX while reducing monthly phone bills by 50%. Packet8 Virtual Office service is designed with simple self-service tools for complete system and extension control. For organizations that require a full-service configuration and change contract, these features are included in Packet8 Virtual Office service for the same price.

In addition to enjoying benefits from the Virtual Office solution such as unlimited calls to the United States and Canada for a low, flat monthly fee, companies subscribing to Packet8 Virtual Office can eliminate the overhead cost associated with brick and mortar buildings with the use of this VoIP PBX system by operating out of different locations without losing any powerful PBX functionality or having to pay premium local and long distance charges for inter-office calling.

A few of the many impressive Virtual Office features are:

Unlimited Calling - using the Internet backbone for routing telephone calls substantially reduces phone bills
- to any telephone number in the United States and Canada (on unlimited extensions)
- extension-to-extension anywhere in the world
- from any telephone anywhere worldwide
- to and from any other Packet8 subscriber anywhere worldwide

Auto-Attendant - a powerful automated system that can replace the need for a receptionist
- available to callers 24-hours-a-day with multiple schedules and greeting
- transfers calls (dial by extension, name, company directory, or workgroup)
- if call is not answered or the line is busy, automatically will send the caller to defined destination
- customizable with pre-recorded prompts for several regularly used recordings such as sales, support, tech support, billing, account, etc.
- optional Virtual Attendant allows an existing Virtual Office subscriber to add a second auto-attendant while using the same Virtual Office unlimited or metered extensions.

Full Featured Conference Bridge - an audio conferencing system that provides a way to hold meetings involving participants at multiple sites
- saves travel time and expense for meetings
- use with Virtual Office extensions and outside callers
- up to 20 sites can participate
- administrator mode allows for making outbound calls and dropping parties
- unlimited conference calls can be scheduled and in session concurrently
- password protected for creation and admission
- automatic email and voice prompt confirmations of conference bridge reservation

Business-class Voicemail - a powerful tool when you cannot answer the phone
- up to 8 pre-recorded greeting options (full name, internal, external, after-hours, lunch, meeting, weekend, vacation)
- password protected
- voicemail to email
- listen to voicemails via attached email, through supplied phone or remotely
- one number access allowing follow me search
- dialing out of voicemail

Administrative Controls:
- Virtual Office includes an administration web portal for all PBX, auto-attendant, ring groups and complete extension control
- Extension Manager allowing users the ability to control all extension settings including busy, ring-no-answer, and Internet outage handling ring duration and forwarding destinations. Other settings in Extension Manager including forwarding rules, one number access, caller ID blocking, call waiting disable and other unique settings.
- Switchboard is a great live answer application that runs on a PC and works in conjunction with the Virtual Office phone to assist operators and secretaries in seeing extension status indicators and provide quick and accurate call answering and distribution controls.

Virtual Office Pricing and Options

Virtual Office provides a variety of extensions options, inbound calling options, and call handling applications. The base Virtual Office package requires three unlimited extensions and single extensions can be added thereafter. Virtual Attendant allows as few a one Virtual Extension to be used as a starter package.

Virtual Office prices per line range from:

- $9.95-$39.95 per extension, plus 3% FET.* + $1.50 Regulatory Recovery Fee per month.

With one time start up fees per line range from:
- $99 for the equipment (On Unlimited and Metered Extension Plans)
- $9.95- $39 per line for activation
- $1.99 per line for E911 Service Fee for US Residents
- $18.95 for shipping (Unlimited and Metered Extension Plans)

* A minimum of 3 unlimited extensions is required for Virtual Office start up

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