Saturday, January 28, 2006

How To Easily Get Phone And Internet Service For Your Commercial Real Estate Projects

One of your most time consuming and costly needs for a commercial real estate venture...particularly involving a business or corporate finding and implementing a phone and internet connectivity system for your client or tenant location(s).

The capability of this system and process goes well beyond simple T1 & DS3 applications. You can have a dedicated technical staff search and negotiate "best rate" for all of your dedicated voice/data requirements....saving you time, effort, and money. They'll do it all FOR you.

Whatever that application need is...voice/video communications (business office phones, call center, video security, video conferencing, etc.) and internet (work stations, conference rooms, multi-media, wireless connectivity, data network management, data security, disaster recovery, supply chain management, etc.).

Covers fractional and full T1, DS3, OC3 thru OC192.... voice, data, and integrated. Also includes frame relay, point-to-point, VPN, private line, co-located servers, business VoIP, and more.

Leverage their time and effort to maximize NO cost to you.

Simply enter your detailed requirements in our online portal for real time rate quotes in seconds:

Business Phone And Internet Solutions

[note: ensure information entered is accurate and complete.] them toll free for personal service and to discuss your needs live:

1-866-436-7868 Ref ID# 1182

This is a value added service you can provide your no cost to you or them. Definitely a selling point to set your agency apart from other commercial real estate agents.

Given the highly competitive environment of commercial real estate..and the potential high return to the agent for a successful project...anything that raises your worth in the eye of your client(s) is a business enhancer. All the more if it doesn't cost you a penny.

They'll provide this free consulting service to your clients for you...and you get the credit.


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