Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Valuable Bandwidth Tools...Perfect Utilities To Help Manage Your Network

Here's a short list of a few bandwidth utilities/tools you really should put into your business tool box to help manage your network:

* Bandwidth Conversion Calculator - calculate, convert and compare bandwidth/bit rate/throughput for a wide variety of devices. Use it to calculate bottlenecks and convert between units. Convert throughput, network speed and data transfer rate.

* Bandwidth Chart - overview of standard data transfer rates (network, modem, hard disks). This is a list of standard or common bandwidths. Clicking on one will bring you to the Bandwidth calculator, which will translate the speed into Mbps, MB/s, GB/month, ...

* Filesize - calculate filesize from bandwidth and duration.

* Data Density - Volumetric storage density calculator. Calculate and convert data density units (GB/liter).

* Bandwidth Rate Quotes - Free service helps find the right bandwidth for your IT project, new network install, or network expansion. Covers T1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, and OC192 networks.


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