Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Recipe For Video Conferencing Success?

For those who feel totally clueless about video conferencing, there's help, where else, on the Web. "The Video Conferencing Cookbook" (version 4.1) has a wealth of information for the novice video conferencing acolyte.

Produced by the Video Development Initiative, the 76-page "book" is a virtual primer on video conferencing. Topics covered include video conferencing uses, basic and add-on components, best practices, practical video conferencing steps, network requirements, advanced video conferencing functionality and management, and there's even a section on video conferencing etiquette.

There's also a section detailing the H.323 IP video conferencing specification with linked case studies and model applications. Separate appendices focus on the spec itself, listing five links for more detailed descriptions and explanations of the spec, as well as a sizable list of links to interesting Web sites on video conferencing.

The "Video Conferencing Cookbook" is quite an informative primer. Just remember when you read this that it makes more sense to have a broadband connection than an ISDN connection. It's cheaper. It's easier to deploy, and it's a logical extension of the large enterprise model. That means corporate IT guys will be looking for guaranteed bandwidth. Where to find that? Right here: Guaranteed Dedicated Bandwidth


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