Monday, December 12, 2005

Internet Telephony Secrets

I just ran across this resource called Internet Telephony Secrets....and it's kind of peeked my interest. I'm curious in what anyone out there who has read and used the guide has to say about it.

If you'll overlook the marketing language on the website...there does seem to be something very intriguing there.

According to the author Gobala Krishnan, CEO of Liberty Straits Inc...." I saw the marketing power that VoIP and Internet telephony can bring to the small business or home based business owner. I knew that THIS is the missing link that when properly used, can turn any small business with a tiny marketing budget into a global marketing powerhouse."

Gobala then proceeds to lay out a step by step plan for businesses to follow ....applying Skype and other internet telephony achieve that statement.


I understand there's a follow-up book about to be released also with more on business VoIP applications. Yours truly is a contributing author by the the invitation of Mr. Krishnan.


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