Friday, November 04, 2005

Ahhhh....Good Move Sprint

While we were all cozy at home punching a way at our keyboards or chatting up our broadband phones.... Sprint has pulled off a maneuver worthy of General George S. Patton himself.

If you check out the banter at and you'll catch up on a pretty nifty ploy pulled off by Sprint partnering with the DOD (Department of Defense). Seems Sprint has struck a deal with the Department of Defense, putting them - and by proxy the cable industry - in a prime position to grab wireless broadband spectrum for Wimax or WiBro by 2010.

This has the RBOCs and smaller WiMax wannabes screaming bloody murder and ready to run to Capital Hill to cry on their favorite Senators lap. Tough noogies been had. This deal gives Sprint and their cable buddies (through a recent 20 year wireless phone deal with Time Warner, Cox, and Comcast) near certain lock on future king of the hill for WiMax and WiBro.

Check...and mate.

Is offering wireless phone service a good move for the cable industry now?

Sure looks that way.


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