Saturday, October 29, 2005

Verizon Scared Of VoIP...Or Just Playing Games??

WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised. The following contains language unsuitable for those unable to accept blunt honest opinion. (Too bad's MY blog).

When are some of these big Kahuna's of Telecom going to wake up? The Internet will become the dominant means of voice communications around the world. I agree 110% with Ted Wallingford of The VoIP Weblog that "a global IP network will dominate the space currently occupied by the global TDM network."

Unfortunately some of the brains (or no brains) behind the big Telco's don't see it that way. In fact...Verizon CTO Mark Wegleitner stated ”Voice over the Internet in the long run is probably not going to provide the five-nines or high-quality voice that consumers are going to require.”

Maybe not today...granted (in some but not all cases in my opinion). But that’s not exactly what he said. He said it NEVER will.

What have you been smoking Mark??

You think the current crappy overpriced high fees poor customer support PSTN you been shoving down our throat for years will be status quo forever?? Get your head out of the sand Dude. You're about to get hit by a freight train.

Or maybe you're just playing the bait and switch secrecy strategy? the Telecom 05 conference in Las Vegas, CTOs of major carriers hinted at what could develop into an intriguing strategy for their rolling out IP telephony on a broad scale to residential markets: keeping it quiet. At least Balan Nair, CTO of Qwest acknowledges where Telecom is headed and is openly working in that direction. Yet Mark old boy is playing games...or ignorant. Either ain't exactly nice to watch.

Yeah, yeah...Verizon has been involved with internet telephony service to business clients for a bit of time. Big deal. It sucks. And Verizon is working on expanding their Verizon VoiceWing consumer VoIP product. really are involved in this VoIP stuff Mark? But you don't really believe in it? What's up with that?

Ted puts all of this in even better perspective with this:

"The real value of Internet telephony is that is separates the application (voice) from the network (the Internet), in contrast to the old way, where the application (voice) and the network (PSTN) are bonded inseparably. Translation: VoIP frees us from network carriers like Verizon. And that is a scary concept to them. VoIP provides standards for voice apps that allow them to run on any IP network, meaning its huge upside is that it allows us to ditch the decades-old legacy TDM technology underpinning today’s phone company switch networks.

So, it’s in Verizon’s immediate best interest to bash IP telephony, to question its future, to question the ultimate reliability of the Internet 5, 10, 20 years from now."

How about blocking other Broadband Phone services from being used on your networks? Like say....Vonnage? Is that because it doesn't work or you don't want the competition? Does that ring a (baby) Bell (pun intended) Mark?

It just doesn't add up. Even with fuzzy math.

Either Verizon is stupid...or being sneaky. Both I don't like or appreciate.

What these jerks with this attitude don't get is this....Yes, it's about the dollar signs. But OUR dollar signs...not their business dollar signs. We want what WE a cost WE want to pay for it....doing what WE want it to do. In other words it's all about OUR choice....NOT theirs.

If Verizon doesn't see that...or insists on bait and switch secrecy tactics with consumers (hiding real intentions) just to get an advantage over younger more agile and aggresive compatitors (e.g. Packet8, Vonnage) oughta bite 'em in the butt. Serves 'em right.

Than those former combo experts/strategists/naysayers can have a convention on some roadside..... while they beg for nickels with a coffee can. Reminisce about the good days and wax poetic.

Whew.....OK. Glad I got that off my chest.

We now return you to your regular programming.


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