Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Broadband Traffic Analysis Tools

There are a number of tools related to network traffic and performance. One of my favorites is a tool called WAN Management System™ by EMCOM.

To do a legitimate traffic analysis requires the capability to capture statistics over extended times, and with enough granularity to understand sources, destinations, volume, time frame, and protocols involved. It is also important to gain insight into the circuit performance in addition to the traffic.

For circuits up to fractional T3, my friend Ken Hilving of Hilving Associates considers this tool to be the best. His personal preference has been with the portable unit as an outside consultant, but it works well as part of an overall NMS approach also.

Since EMCOM only works on circuits, Ken supplemented this with EtherPeek™ by WildPackets for LAN analysis. Ken has tried other LAN analysis tools, but found this works consistently with a minimum of tweaking, important considerations when billing hourly.


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