Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Warp Speed Web Hosting

Every sized business needs reliable, capable, cost effective web hosting. But for small and medium size businesses that's usually just wishful thinking.

Until now.

I just ran across a service the Big Guys use that works great for small and medium size businesses too. Finally you don't have to compromise reliability, capability, or cost. How's that burger commercial go? "Have it your way!"

Warp Speed Hosting is a high-performance web hosting service located at Exodus Communications. Yahoo.com, Ebay.com, Lycos.com, Hotmail, Onsale.com, and Geocities.com are just a few of the Internet's largest sites which pay hundreds of thousands of dollars each month to have their machines at Exodus Communications due to the incredible diverse connectivity that Exodus has over any other place on the planet. Until recently, lower end web hosting of this caliber was out of financial reach for small to medium sized businesses... until now! Exodus Communications currently carries about 30% of all Internet traffic due to the immense traffic that the largest sites at Exodus receive.


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