Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Look out Skype AND Google- Here Comes Microsoft

Uh oh.....time to hide the women and children and run for the hills. If you're Skype and Google that is.

Well.....that may be a bit dramatic. But with recent activity it sure looks like Microsoft is planning a major move into VoIP-like services.

John Bortland reports in ZDNet that Microsoft will do this through purchase of an Internet calling start-up named Teleo, and subsequent integration of Teleo's PC to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) capability into a new build of MSN Messenger expected by the end of this year.

Yet unlike Google, who is planning an eventual PC-to-PSTN capability for Google Talk through under-the-hood technology enablements with Sipphone's Gizmo Project and EarthLink's Vling, Microsoft is getting on the fast track by buying a company with such a solution.

Yeah....look out Skype AND Google. Can you say "are you nervous"?


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