Friday, September 30, 2005

Broadband Over Natural Gas Lines??

Believe it or not, this may actually be a viable "last mile" technology for delivery broadband to consumers. Some estimates say that 70% of the county could be covered by this new technology, which is termed BIG, or Broadband In Gas. Existing pipelines into homes could allegedly provide mega-bandwidth, operating in much the same way current fiberoptic lines do.

My friend William Van Hefner of said "I guess that if you ever start a BIG company, you could always use the slogan, "The Broadband Company That Gives You Gas". I just couldn't resist that one." Good one William. LOL

On a more serious note....this technology idea isn't some recent shot in the dark quack suggestion from a bunch of drugged graduate student geeks. It's actually had some serious discussion by some serious people. But there are pros and cons...and a good share of challenges. You really should read more about it at West Research.


Anonymous Teddy Towncrier said...


Does this mean I may be able install a conversion kit in my old propane powered 'puter and donate it?

Teddy Towncrier

10:53 AM  

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