Friday, August 19, 2005

Current/Future Broadband Technologies has a very useful and informative listing of current/future broadband technologies on their "Alternatives" page. This includes a pretty nice discussion and descritption of technologies competing with DSL for wide-spread broadband access. These are ordered roughly according to common use....and include T1/T3 lines, Cable, High Earth Orbit Satellite, High Speed Fixed Wireless (LMDS), Spread Spectrum Wireless, VDSL/FTTC, U-NII Wireless, Low Earth Orbit Bandwidth, Optical over air, Hybrid Wireless/Fixed line, High altitude transmitters, High Speed Mobile Wireless (3G), PowerLine, and iBLAST.

Technologies still in the labs are listed also. If you wish to contribute links, requests that you do so. If you've personal experience and information on any of the technologies listed by all means contribute to the body of information via the link they provide.


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