Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wi-Fi HotSpot/Hot Zone Locator

Found a neat little tool at the Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine website....a Hotspot Wireless Access Point Locator. Give it a try.....pretty cool.

Friday, August 26, 2005

....T1, DS3, OC3, OC12, & OC48 Bandwidth Available....

Simply enter your detailed requirements in the webportal....& you'll automatically receive instant real time rate quote info comparing multiple providers available in the specific area you specify....neat little tool. You can do that in just a couple minutes. (Note: only covers US locations and business users)

If you prefer, you can call them toll free M-F instead and discuss your specific needs live:

1-866-436-7868 Ref ID# 1182

BTW, this is a no cost service.

Hope that helps some of you looking for bandwidth to cover your businesses voice and data needs.

Vonnage IPO ...Then A Merger??

There's been some talk recently in the media....The Wall Street Journal and The Deal business newspaper for example....that Vonage is planning an Initial Public Offering of up to $600 million in stocks within the next six weeks.

You can read more about it in a thread featuring the story at the Vonnage Forum.

There are two reasons for this IPO.

The obvious reason for such an IPO is a way to raise money for the needed expansions, infrastructure improvements and marketing push Vonage will need to invest in to keep ahead of a fast-moving pack of challengers. Vonnage will need this cash since they have spent more than a mountain of nickels to market the Vonnage name to date. In fact...their cost per customer to acquire business is way more than each customer brings in revenue. Scary investm,ent but seems to be working for the time being. Although Vonnage has succeeded in branding the Vonnage name in the public eye that marketing effort has had a huge price tag. Another fact...that's where the majority of Vonnage expendetures has They now need to back that up with spending on what really makes "stuff" work long term....if they are to hang on to any market advantage they have.

Another reason for this IPO is a possible merger with an as yet un-named entity. There may be some discussions going on with various potential interested parties .....but right now nothing tangible has leaked out. It may just be a "plan" that has yet to really take shape. Expect quite a frenzy of suitors should this happen. Richard Shaw of ZDNet thinks that Sprint makes the most logical choice for the acquiring company. That makes sense to me. But I'd like to see Qwest in there if they can come up with the capital to make a competitive bid.

Skype Forum Trashing Google Talk

Holy internet telephony's getting pretty nasty! Trek over to the Skype Forum and read the comments by loyal Skype third-party developers and users about the roll out of potential rival Google Talk.

Yeah,'re dealing with Google here guys. Take note and keep an eye over your shoulder. Wouldn't surprise me to see Google looking through their rear view mirror at Skype before too long. They'll clean up any shortcommings in their initial product and then build a machine that'll blow the doors off what's available now....including Skype. Google ain't Uncle Joe's garage biz wanna be's.... Bubba. We're talking about Google here for christ sakes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Talk Is Now Live...Look Out Skype

I guess it was just a matter of time. Those crazy folks from Google are jumping into the IP Telephony arena albeit with just alittle toe in the water dabbling at first. Google Talk is a straight IM program, tied in with Gmail, and with no voice capability except to and from other Google Talk users.

For now.

But only for now.

It's going to have softphone capability.

Google is working closely with Earthlink and Sipphone to federate EarthLink's Vling service and Sipphone's Gizmo Project with the Google Talk service as quickly as possible, while offering the best possible user experience.

Look out, Skype.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Current/Future Broadband Technologies has a very useful and informative listing of current/future broadband technologies on their "Alternatives" page. This includes a pretty nice discussion and descritption of technologies competing with DSL for wide-spread broadband access. These are ordered roughly according to common use....and include T1/T3 lines, Cable, High Earth Orbit Satellite, High Speed Fixed Wireless (LMDS), Spread Spectrum Wireless, VDSL/FTTC, U-NII Wireless, Low Earth Orbit Bandwidth, Optical over air, Hybrid Wireless/Fixed line, High altitude transmitters, High Speed Mobile Wireless (3G), PowerLine, and iBLAST.

Technologies still in the labs are listed also. If you wish to contribute links, requests that you do so. If you've personal experience and information on any of the technologies listed by all means contribute to the body of information via the link they provide.

Friday, August 12, 2005

VoIP Migration - 10 Questions You Must Answer First

There are 10 critical questions every business MUST ask before launching into VoIP. These are mission critical considerations for every service provider. You'll find a well layed out Planning Guide at

List Of VoIP Manufacturers & Companies

Whatever it is you're looking for in the realm of VoIP....this pretty comprehenive list of manufacturers and companies should have it. Covers gateways & switches, VoIP peering, time synchronization, billing solutions, IP-PBX solutions, VoIP resellers & integrators, service companies, market reports, termination, software developers, venture capital, training, hosted solutions, test solutions, IP business phones, application software, VoIP calling plans, development tools, customer premise equipment, and call centers. Find it all at VoIP Company List.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

VoIP eLearning Courses Online

Here's a nice little resource from our friends at online training center full of "VoIP eLearning Courses".

Yahoo! Messenger With Free Voicemail Service....Just Launched

Just released today Yahoo! Messenger With Voice has upgraded IP phone capability- "far more extensive than the hitch-a-ride over IM functionality characteristic of this and other IM programs" (sic Russell Shaw ZDNet).

Here’s just a few observations:

- Redesigned to be SIP-based.

- Supports PC to PC voice calling using SIP software licensed from RADVision and XTen (no word on Mac compatibility yet)

- The client will be integrated with Yahoo 360 which provides blogging and music content, among other things.

- Perhaps coolest of all-FREE voicemail.

- Nothing of Dialpad is integrated yet.

This new capability comes in two flavors. Both are accessed via the newly expanded Actions tab:

* Call Computer lets you, well, call other PCs similarly equipped with Yahoo! Messenger.

* Place A Net2Phone Call brings up a Call Center softphone. Dialing rates range are 2 cents a minute in the U.S. and 3.9 cents a minute in Canada. Foreign per-minute rates are generally slightly higher than some other softphone services.

Given that Yahoo! announced its purchase of softphone provider DialPad two months ago, you have to wonder if or when Yahoo! Messenger With Voice's existing Net2Phone softphone partnership and UI will be replaced with a DialPad interface.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

VoIP....Voice Over IP For Dummies

OK....not everybody is a technogeek who's conversant in packetspeak or bandwidth babble. So....VoIP to the rescue. Trip through their VoIP For Dummies page and take your pick of what you want to bone up on. Includes a great Glossary of IP Telephony and Voice over IP Terms....and a "to the point" informative Frequent Q&A section.

VoIP Bandwidth Calculator

VoIP Diagnostics by Packetizer offers a nice little VoIP Bandwidth Calculator online....and free. The calculator can be used to estimate the bandwidth required through an IP based network for a fixed number of voice paths. Make sure you read the notes...very important to not only understand the process but gives some great tips too. You'll also find links to some other VoIP bandwidth calculators and testing tools at the bottom of the website.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tips For VoIP Survival

Interesting piece from Steve Wexler about the small/medium business sector’s apprehension about diving into VoIP technology. The piece is about a study that says folks don’t adopt VoIP because they’re concerned about quality and reliability problems. In the study Wexler cites, a small VoIP equipment company, SwitchVox, offers some tips for coping with the differences between VoIP and traditional telephony. I wouldn't necessarily agree with each...or their assigned priority....but it is interesting reading. Read it all at Tips.

The Future Of Municipal Wireless And Trends To Watch

Muni broadband wireless is evolving from a niche app of wireless tech to a full-blown market. Where is it headed? Jodi Sherman Jahic comments via MuniWireless on four trends to watch: WiMAX will enter the muni wireless market but will not displace Wi-Fi, the demand for muni wireless solutions will be overestimated early but underestimated in the long run, wireless vendors will start competing on performance and experience, and machine-to-machine apps of muni wireless networks will emerge to become a significant driver of network demand.

Upstream Bandwidth....Please

Customers want it, but often aren't getting it.

Greater upstream bandwidth is a user requirement that frequently gets ignored as ISPs market lower prices or high downstream speeds. CNET takes a look at how digital video and photography are changing the consumer's need for upstream speed, and what exactly ISPs are doing about it (not much).