Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Congress To Take Up VoIP 911

This September, the U.S. Congress will likely pass legislation requiring at least some interconnected (read: connected to the public telephone network) VoIP providers to route 911 calls just like a traditional local phone company. What? Didn’t the FCC already order this?

You can read more at ZDNet.

The FCC did rule on 911, since you ask. But their order was arguably overly broad and seemingly inconsiderate of the limitations of small VoIP startups who are dependant upon hundred-year-old telecom companies to route their 911 calls. Yet, Packet8, VoicePulse, and others are rushing to compliance in advance of the Congress’s legislation, which will probably resemble, in most ways at least, the order put out by the FCC. Roughly stated, that order says anybody that provides a 10-digit phone number that has customers in the U.S. must route 911 calls through the nearest incumbent phone company.

Where does that leave Skype? In limbo? We still don’t know....but doesn't look good.


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