Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An Interview with Michael Jackson (no, not him)

Geez....what a way to grab readers. Guilty...nice headline huh? Anyway....the Michael Jackson I'm talking about is Skype's Director of Operations. You know Skype....that "free" VoIP business model supposedly spreading around the world like a virus? (Sorry....I'm not a Skyper if you can't tell. I'm not fond of being tied to my PC when I'm talking).

The in-house Share Skype blog features an interview with Jackson 13 June. Much of the interview is too cotton candy for me, but this Michael Jackson does have some interesting things to say about keeping regulators across the globe up to speed about what Skype is and does. If you're a Skyper you'll be in love. If you're looking at Skype it's some more info to add to your due diligence.


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