Thursday, May 26, 2005

What's Better....DSL, Cable, Or Satellite Internet Access?

Well...that depends. Of course for residential service it appears you may have lots of choices. But then again the old adage of the Real Estate industry that goes "location, location, location" really rings true here. You may think you have lots of choices when in fact you've got diddly. City folks fair pretty well .... but if you're in a rural location do your homework. Finding something available to you at a reasonable cost can be tough. You may get stuck with a very expensive satellite provider as your only choice. Unless you do some homework first.

I suggest you look over all the resources available at to help with your search. They have a pretty good comparison of providers, reviews by users, and even list some smaller regional vendors to expand your choices and maybe save your pocketbook.

Another useful tool is the search portal from These guys will give you a real time rate quote comparison online after you punch in a few tidbits of info to identify the location to search on. They don't have every provider in their system...mostly the bigger vendors....but the search and compare capability is pretty convenient.


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