Sunday, May 08, 2005

So You Wanna Try VoIP??

One of the best, all-inclusive explanations of VoIP technology I have ever seen can be found at Really worth reading for everyone new or old to the VOIP arena. It's an easy read and covers everything you should understand to use and fully appreciate VoIP.


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I read the link you put up at i found it concise and helpful , thanks. They made a good point when they said: "There are a lot of happy Voip users here, but like anything you have to try it on yourself and see how it fits. Ask around, maybe some of your friends are already using Voip. Read a few reviews, wander around some of the provider websites. Is there a provider offering a trial period or money-back guarantee? And if you do try out Voip, don't give up your existing phone until you have actually used Voip for a few weeks. Just in case your ISP turns out to be flakey or you run into problems. If you find yourself liking Voip, then tell a few friends about it." But thats just my opinion, I've had mixed experiences with voip , good n bad.


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