Thursday, May 12, 2005

No More Analog Telephone Adapters For VoIP

Analog Telephone Adapters are devices that connect regular telephones to a broadband network for VoIP services. ATAs do this by converting analog voice signals to IP packets and vice versa, as well as by delivering the dial tone and facilitating call setup. Pretty useful right now but something of an annoyance...and soon to be obsolete extra step. For now ATAs are just a temporary hardware workaround.

According to Cisco Systems chief technology officer Charles Giancarlo ATA's won't be around much longer. In an interview at Giancarlo says that ATAs will "soon" begin to be replaced by a new generation of "hard IP phones" that will be plugged directly into an Ethernet cable, as well as WiFi VoIP phones for small business, and then for the consumer market.

Eexpect Cisco’s first enterprise-themed WiFi VoIP handsets in the next few months, and consumer models to show up within the next year. Sounds good to me!


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