Friday, April 01, 2005

Consumers Hesitant to Make Switch to VoIP

While 72% of businesses are likely to deploy voice over IP (VoIP) this year, most consumers are leery of switching to the new technology because of privacy, security, and complexity issues. This is according to the "2005 Telecommunications Report" published by Harris Interactive. The survey also finds that 87% of business decision-makers are familiar with VoIP, while only 35% of consumers are VoIP savvy and only 3% of them currenly use it. The IP telephony technology still faces a host of issues that must be resolved before widespread adoption is possible. One of the biggest issues is integrating full emergency 911 support for residential customers. According to Communications Convergence:

On the whole, businesses are attracted to VoIP primarily by the expected cost savings the technology can provide. According to the Harris Interactive survey, some 72% of businesses that are likely to deploy VoIP this year expect telecom savings of between 11% and 40%. Customer satisfaction is high; some 88% of businesses using VoIP are either somewhat or very satisfied with their service and, of those consumers using the technology, 40% expressed satisfaction.

Read more here: Businesses Bullish On VoIP, But Consumers Remain Leery: Survey


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